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Here at Wangaratta Health and Wellbeing we take a Holistic approach to Health care. We believe that there are 4 fundamental components that must be in balance for people to thrive and remain in optimal health:

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We have built a team that can help you get each of these components in balance regardless of where you're at in your life, from newborn to people with lots of life experience our focus is on you and your health.

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    Quick facts about us

    Our Team

    Dr Marcus Kennedy


    My name is Dr Marcus Kennedy. I’m the principal chiropractor and one of the founding partners of Wangaratta Health and Wellbeing.

    Damien Bakker

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    I'm Damien Bakker and I'm a nationally registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner working at Wangaratta Health and Wellbeing.

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