Our purpose is to empower the Wangaratta community to take control of their health and live a happier and healthier life naturally. We know all people are born with the ability to be healthy, and it is our mission to help you individuals achieve this.

Our mission is to not only help people reach their full potential but to educate and empower them to help themselves.


We make decisions daily about everything including health. We aim to pass on our expertise to help you make the best decisions for your health. We have many clients who see one practitioner and many who see more than one practitioner and as always it is your decision who you choose to help you achieve your goals. What we can promise is that no matter who you choose to see you will be made to feel like you are our most important client because you are. As an integrative health centre we work together with practitioners inside and outside of clinic to help our clients get the best results.

What to expect from a visit to our clinic.

Every new client at our clinic can expect to have a thorough history and physical examination performed where relevant on their first visit and this is something, we pride ourselves on. Your first visit will be all about us getting a detailed picture of your current life and/or presenting problem/s. This will give us a good picture of how to help you most.
Assuming we can help, this will be followed by an explanation of your case and what benefits we believe you can gain from care in our clinic. We will give you an idea of how long you can expect this to take and the different options you have for your care. It’s our guarantee that any questions you have about your care will be answered clearly in the first 2 visits.

If you or anyone in your family would like to make an appointment or know more about us please call