Dr Marcus Kennedy


My name is Dr Marcus Kennedy. I’m the principal chiropractor and founding partner of Wangaratta Health and Wellbeing. As part of the clinical team I can manage symptomatic presentations commonly associated with Chiropractic (back pain, headaches, neck pain, sporting injuries, decreased mobility etc) however I also enjoy motivating and seeing people reach their full potential and thriving in life. That’s why I love being a chiropractor.

I strive to be an expert in helping myself and my clients achieve better health and devote lots of my spare time to understanding human potential. My studies have given me the knowledge and opportunity to help people of all ages from infants to the elderly.

Outside of chiropractic my main interest is keeping fit. I compete in Ironman 70.3 triathlon events. I swim like a brick and am never going to win or be elite but I enjoy the challenge of gradually improving and getting the best out of myself. If you keep an eye out you will probably notice me training around Wangaratta.

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Why did I become a chiropractor?

I decided to become a Chiropractor when I was 15 due to the life changing effects I achieved with the help of Chiropractic. I first saw my chiropractor when I was 7 with a permanent torticollis I’d had my whole life (a massive neck spasm, due to a traumatic birth). Up until this point I’d also worn glasses for a lazy eye. After a course of chiropractic adjustments both of these improved dramatically and I haven’t worn glasses since. This was a big surprise to my family and I as we thought the only way to get further improvement was an operation. Chiropractic also helped hugely with my dyslexia. I couldn’t read or spell at all in early school and I was always at the bottom of the class. After an initial drastic improvement my academic ability has gradually improved as I’ve gone through life and very grateful I found chiropractic when I did.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Chiropractic.

What Do I Offer?

If you or anyone in your family would like to make an appointment or know more about Chiropractic please call