Rykie Smith

Counselling / Arts Therapy
My practice is built on the deep conviction that we all deserve to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. I believe this is possible despite our past experiences, circumstances, abilities, diagnoses or age.

I have therefore made it my mission to help clients and help them uncover the significance of their lives. My viewpoint is that it’s not enough to just alleviate clients’ suffering - I want to see them flourish.

My approach is different

I follow a progressive approach in the treatment of various mental and emotional challenges. Through utilising the latest advances in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, and creatively combining a range of evidence-based interventions designed specifically around each client’s needs and goals I ensure the best outcomes for my clients. This individualised approach empowers clients to step into a future of new possibilities, hope and meaning, and enables them to live the life they deserve.

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Who can I help?

And how can I help you?

Our mental and emotional state has a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. It influences the quality of our relationships, our success at work or in our studies, and has an effect on our physical health too. Our mental health determines how we view ourselves, how well we cope with stress, and whether or not we’re able to live a life of peace, meaning and fulfilment:


Adolescent Needs

Anxiety & Panic

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bereavement & Loss

Burnout & Stress

Career Planning / Change

Chronic Pain & Illness

Couples Counselling


Divorce & Separation

Eating Disorders

Early Childhood Intervention

PTSD & Trauma

Self-doubt & Low Self-worth

Study & Learning Difficulties

Substance Abuse/Dependency

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